Finlam provides a variety of waterproof & breathable laminated products. The concept behind this is to provide a laminate that is waterproof to the elements, but still allows moisture vapour to pass through, thus preventing the build up of internal moisture and heat. This is mainly used in protective garments and fabrics, and improves the comfort level for the wearer. Examples of usage are in rainwear, activewear, military jackets, ski-jackets, mattress covers, and footwear.

We offer a variety of Polyurethane, Polyester and PTFE membranes to suit your needs. PVC film can also be substituted if breathability is not a requirement.

Certain applications only require a membrane to act as a barrier with low or no breathability.  This can be for waterproofing or windproofing.  Finlam carries a range of membranes suitable for this purpose.

It is important when laminating membranes that the correct adhesives are used, as well as appropriate bonding techniques. Inferior adhesives will cause the product to delaminate under certain conditions, e.g. washing or sterilization. Additionally, the quantity of adhesive and how it is applied will have an effect on the breathability. Too much adhesive will form a barrier and reduce the breathability, too little adhesive will result in the fabric delaminating. Finlam Technical has a variety of different adhesives that are designed for specific applications. We have numerous methods of bonding, including a random dot pattern using polyurethane reactive hot melt.

Finlam works primarily with two basic types of breathable waterproof membranes: Microporous and Monolithic/Hydrophilic: