Quality Control

Finlam Textiles is committed to achieving and maintaining the highest standard of quality.  This is accomplished by a process of continual improvements through the use of appropriate techniques, environmentally friendly materials and processes, and the constant development of employees.

Orders are processed to a predetermined specification, tested and certified by our very own quality department, and finally released with a certificate of compliance.   Which enables us to pride ourselves on quick turn around times, with consistent results.

Finlam has extensively invested  in state of the art testing equipment making it possible for us to do a wide variety of textile and chemical testing in-house.  This not only improves the quality and reliability of our manufacturing processes but also enables us to shorten the Research and Development life cycle.

This equipment enables us to confidently perform the following tests in our laboratory:

Abrasion Resistance  Sterilization Resistance
Air Permeability  Tensile Strength
Breathability  Thickness
Colour Variation  Viscosity
Colour Resistance to Rubbing  Wash Resistance
Flammability  Waterhead – Dynamic & Static
Flex Resistance  Water Repellancy
Stitch Tear Resistance  Weathering
Peelbond Strength  Weight
PH levels

Finlam’s Watchdog system is a Quality Control and Workflow system, designed specifically to ensure consistency throughout the manufacturing process.  It is powered by Java Technology and is the lifeblood of our manufacturing process and control measures.

The system is instrumental to maintaining quality as it offers the following advantages:

  • Job specifications and instructions are presented at the appropriate production workstation
  • Data from the production run is recorded and stored in a central database
  • Reports and exceptions are automatically published
  • It drives our Non-Conformance and Corrective Action System which forms part of our ISO 9001 requirements
  • It provides a platform for creating and tracking new product development initiatives.